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Comment: I don't have the heart--

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I don't have the heart--

I don't want to know anymore; there is nothing that can be done.

We tried to resurrect liberty in the U.S. Look at me; I didn't even put asterisks around "we"--


If there is a truth 'in between'--

how on earth do *we* find it?

I never have believed that Americans were 'saviors' or heroes in WWII; I am sure the war was wrong-headed, but--

someone set it all up, and it happened, and the death and destruction can't be undone--

There are soldiers suffering now in America (or vets), and many more killing themselves, and there are people suffering in the middle east because American troops HAD to go over there.

Can *we* stop it?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--