Comment: All Good Videos, Thank You.

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All Good Videos, Thank You.

First a question:

How did the bankers get "control" of most of the money, worldwide?

My answer:

Originally the USA and the worlds people were small farmers, small merchants, laborers, and small crafters of all types, etc.
Gold, Silver was circulating money ! {Spanish Silver pieces of eight was used as money all over the world} The English Pound was originally a 12 troy ounce pound of Silver.

Bankers promised to safe guard the Silver and Gold, and pay interest for those people who believed in saving their money. {Many people got paid once a month, sailers and others had to wait longer for payments.}

Much of the bankers money supply grew when depositors died, leaving no clear heirs. Eventually, the bankers bought politicians and were able to accumulate even more wealth.

My advice would be to figure out how to get out of the banking systems.