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1777, usually you're pretty logical, minus the rhetorical abuse, but I think you're missing the point here.

The user Compromise isn't agreeing with those views, merely stating them as the majority of the voters in this poll and most likely as the more vocal critics on this site. They would prefer a socialist because they view him as "anti-establishment." Whether that view is correct or not is immaterial, because the people in question are most likely short sighted and completely forgot the fact that Kucinich's economic knowledge could fit in a thimble. He may have good intentions and be able to work with Ron on the issues where they agree, but in the areas they disagree they fervently disagree.

The people voting his way are the ones who remember the Dennis and Ron are "friends" and that Rand is the son who betrayed his father and stabbed him in the back, aka "the idiots."

Eric Hoffer