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Eric Hoffer

You are right, on the local level it is going pretty well. I certainly have read all the other posts, it is going well in our eyes, but the Republican party sees us and our candidates as a problem.

Some of my other posts in this thread point to the idea that we probably will not get a President we want out of the next couple elections so getting upset that some people here will not support Rand is pointless. We have to work our way up and infiltrate congress and local seats.

My take on it is this. If Hillary runs she will win. I do not want that, but I am confident that that is the case. If Hillary does not run the republicans stand a chance, but let's face it, they will not nominate Rand anyways. They will nominate Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rubio, or someone else of that caliber. So, why worry so much about Rand 2016, lets continue getting people in local positions and people in congress 2014.