Comment: Keep bumping this, possibly biggest story of our lifetime

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Keep bumping this, possibly biggest story of our lifetime

Honestly, this is the story of the century. It should be on front page news every day, moreso than OJ Simpson trial. The circumstances of CNBC publishing it on the same day that Kevin Krim's (VP and General Manager of CNBC Digital) children are killed are uncanny. Plus the story changing around whether the mother saw the nanny stabbing herself or finding her unconscious. Not to mention the very rare occasion (< 1%) when a woman tries to commit suicide by both slashing and stabbing herself in the neck. Not to mention with such force as to fracture one's own vertebrae makes all of this highly suspect.

To be fair, people have brought up some questionable things about Spire Law group, with them using a bar number that has expired on their webpage, and a questionable man that's supposedly a part of that firm. The counter argument to this, is that the lawyer working on behalf of this case for Spire Law is clean as a whistle (James Fiedler), with a valid bar license, and a clean record of no disciplinary action against him that has been practicing since 1965.

This story needs to be looked in a helluva lot more, I would especially like to know if the mom has made a statement clarifying whether the nanny was stabbing herself upon entering, or if she was found that way.