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tamckissick - The modern day depression is hidden

Many of the most powerful Great Depression images feature lines. Between lines for bread, lines for food, and lines for jobs, historical photographs often make it look like the entire country spent the decade between 1930 and 1940 waiting in line. Those are visually brutal images that showed a society living in hunger and poverty, and they were hard to ignore.

Eighty years later, it is harder to tell who is treading water and who is drowning. With social security checks direct deposited into bank accounts, job hunts moved online and food stamps offered on debit-style cards, it is possible to remain completely ignorant of the depression we are in. What you will notice if you pay attention is that people are becoming prisoners in their own homes, apartments, or motel rooms.

In the electronic money age...the government has been able to "hide" all the people that are suffering by directly depositing their unemployment checks, welfare checks, and using EBT cards instead of "food stamps".