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"Can you see why I'd be frightened to be even remotely

associated with you publicly or in any political sphere?"


1. You never really supported Dr.Paul's message.
2. You're a coward who would rather schmooze your way to the top than tell the truth and call people what they are.

"Voters would run from you so fast you'd think they were giving away free T-Shirts in the opposing party."

The only voters that might run away would be those that are busy capitulating.. to them, any message that doesn't require a good ass kissing to get moved forward, just chaps their lips. They like the taste of crap in the morning I suppose as long as it's sugar coated.

"Just face it, you're more comfortable attempting to incite violent riots than you are having rational discussion. Emotion and ideological rage are way more attractive to you than discussion about actual issues."

I'm dead against violence unless it's needed. As of a week ago, I made the remark, that I didn't see a need for it anymore and as long as things keep progressing, I'm still of that mind.

As for discussing ideological issues.. you have none. There is no need for discussing.. Get on board or get out of the way.

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