Comment: Dangers Ahead, financial collapse, global warming, and

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Dangers Ahead, financial collapse, global warming, and

There are dangers ahead in our futures, global warming, mass destruction by intent such as total war, unintended mass destruction.

Bumblebee hive syndrome is a warning, genetically implanting insecticide in corn intended for animal feed produces hardy plants that can crowd out all plants not dependent on insects, even possibly jumping species, and hoping to create a manageable black hole. Or destruction could be total surprise. One theory is that there are inert black holes at the center of most celestial objects if this was the case trying to reach as close to absolute zero as possible could make an inert black hole very active. There are bandade or even phony solutions to our problems, such as the carbon tax and electric cars, except for drivers frequently in traffic jams. If the electricity is produced by fossil fuel electric cars are a net lose. Or in trying to prevent fanatical collapse by raising the retirement age for Social Security, either slow savings on the debt down the road or to the extent 40-year-olds get hired less and thus pay less taxes or get emergency care in place of preventive, a net lose.

Gandhi compared this to blind men feeling an elephant, each one feeling something different. Libertarians are right that financial collapse and a barter only world is a dire danger, and so is global warming a dire danger. Getting the defense budget under control will lessen danger in several directions at once.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA