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It would probably cost...

You could probably get started for a few million if you didn't have anything to begin with. I actually have a 50' x 100' shop on about 3 acres, but it's down in deep South Texas in a really small town, and it would need a lot of work. It's also got living quarters and sits right on a major US highway.

I think we'd need computers and office equipment, all types of design software, plastic injection molding machinery and mold making capabilities, CNC machines, lathes, mills, welding and steel working equipment, presses, 3D printers, plasma cam (google it!), and other manufacturing equipment to make anything we want. We could even have a classroom for workshops about starting and running small home businesses.

I work for an architectural metal products manufacturer and I'm always seeing these types of machines being auctioned off from failed businesses in random emails that I get.

I have to checkout what kind of projects raise this kind of money on Kickstarter...I mean just imagine, it's like step two of Kickstarter! So now that you raised a little money, you have access to all the things to actually make a prototype, or fully manufacture it!

It could even have some storage buildings wired for electricity in the back to rent out to small businesses who need a place to operate their business.

It's ambitious, I know, but I really feel there's a HUGE demand for wanted to learn how to start a business. I not even close to an expert on running a business, but one day I'll have a successfull one!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!