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Comment: Yup, HVACTech. I appreciated reading your comments.

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Yup, HVACTech. I appreciated reading your comments.

I too very strongly believe in the Almighty, but that is all that I can say at this point. I also call myself a Deist. I try to keep it simple beyond that. God would not communicate in words is my premise because words can be misinterpreted and mistranslated. That reason alone would be anathema to an unchangeable God. The Bible is an important starting point as are other religious books. I have no quarrel about the good parts of the Bible. Those words may indeed be "The Word of God," but they are buried in an otherwise bunch of hate. These other hateful and illogical words, the wholesale killing, raping, pillaging, and the vindictiveness of it all, no I don't believe it. I appreciate and respect what others believe, and when possible I, challenge both them and myself to see if anything has changed with either of our beliefs.
Peace back your way.