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Comment: Behind the Green Mask, baby!

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Behind the Green Mask, baby!

Great post! Thank you. I'll take the ball and run with it.

Yes, that's what is so unfortunate about this stuff. Environmentalism IS important. We DO need to do more to protect our natural environment, of which we are a part. I totally agree with your points. Free market is key! (Heck, if we hadn't had our technological innovation and development [in the free market] per efficient and clean means of transportation completely sabotaged / suppressed by big oil over the last century... who knows how well-balanced humanity and nature would be?)

The rights of the individual are paramount, as those rights = good for the whole / collective, perhaps ironically (Which is precisely what these stupid commie sh*ts fail to understand.... but they are control freaks anyway and probably just want to get off on totalitarianism.)

But ICLEI is not only a front for eventual fascist socialism but also for corporate greed; corporate developer profiteering; corporate and government land grabs; deliberate destruction of the American family farm and of food independence (or independence, period); and is meant to serve the bankster elite agenda: that clandestine desire to install global government; erase national and citizen sovereignty; kill off a large portion of the population; herd us into small living quarters; force sterilization; etc.

Arrogant sociopaths at the helm of this, as you know! (LOL! What's new?!)

What would the Founders do?