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Comment: Jesse & 2016

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Jesse & 2016

I'm from Minnesota and I remember when Jesse was governor. He wasn't bad at all (turned a deficit into a surplus and then paid the people back), but he was definitely controversial (much LESS then he is now) and I don't think there was a second term possible due to how the media bashed him.

If you look at some of the things he's saying now and some of the stuff he has said on his show, there's no way in hell that anyone that hasn't "woken" up could take him seriously and vote for him for POTUS.

I'm not saying I don't like him or that just because a candidate doesn't have a shot in hell you shouldn't vote for him, but this is like asking for failure. It's very clear he will not relate to the American people without coming across like too aggressive / crazy.

Again, not something I believe myself, but if you look at someone like Ron Paul, who is humble and full of knowledge, Jesse comes across completely the opposite: an extreme bad-ass biker version if you will. I definitely believe there is room for people like him for the movement, but definitely not the figure-head. He comes across as an Alex Jones wake-up the people type of character.

In the end, why are we trying to determine who our leader will be for 2016? I understand time is precious, but why are we the ones doing the searching? It's clear we've established a base and I'd say it's time for the leader to come to us. Let the actions of those who are in our minds determine who we will pick for our next figure-head. We shouldn't be struggling so hard, trying to divide what we have between petty arguments like this.

Moving forward - we all know there is a chance for liberty once again in 2016, but for now let's focus on the issues more then the politicians.