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Toxic Poison (toxicity between lead & arsnic)

Fluoride: Toxic Prescription

  • 1970. Over 90% of toothpaste now contains fluoride. This is the result of an intensive advertising campaign backed by a profit oriented dental trade association which is mistakenly perceived as an unbiased authority. This advertising has tended to establish the image of fluoride as ...a beneficial, even essential element, while, in fact, it is officially rated more toxic than either lead or cadmium. Have Americans been brainwashed? You decide.
  • 1971. Germany bans water fluoridation.
  • 1972. The February issue of the ADA's own Journal reports that dental incomes and dental costs per person are higher in fluoridated communities. Dentists don't mention that fluorides embrittle rather than toughen tooth enamel. Resultant cracks and chipping make tooth repair more difficult - and more expensive. Also, fluoride makes enamel porous, thereby increasing the wear rate of the tooth surface. These facts alone warrant ruling out fluoride treatment for teeth.
  • 1972. Sweden bans fluoridation of public water.
  • 1973. The Netherlands constitution bans water fluoridation.

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