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"dennis wont and cant run. he

"dennis wont and cant run.
he sold out and was on his knees in AF 1 when he did so.
protect him all you want."
When exactly did I protect him?

"hillary would be ur gal for 2016"
Can you explain why I should support Hillary? I agree largely with the Republican Party platform.

"and I have had plenty of run ins with you around here."
Link to one.

"the polls you posted are hilarious and mean very very little to anyone.
have you even read comments on your own thread?lol"
I've read pretty much all the comments on my two threads. This one is not mine, it is "A Real Conservative"'s. Personally, I do not believe a Rand vs. Kucinich match-up will ever happen.

"these polls you spam, are fill in fodder and are meant to distract and confuse lib sheep with ("what if's)"
My two polls were "would you support Rand in 2016 at this point" and "Rand vs. Ventura in 2016". Both Rand and Ventura have expressed interest in running for the presidency in 2016, so I'm not sure what you mean by "what if".

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