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Comment: That is a given, b. God is smarter than anybody.

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That is a given, b. God is smarter than anybody.

That goes without saying. I'm too sensitive for my own good so I was being overly defensive. Apologies back to you.

Are you telling me that Mark 16:15 is wrong? Are you telling me that Jesus did not say these words? I am flabbergasted by your disclosure about this passage because it remains in every Bible and in every Red Letter Edition of the Bible and is preached in every Christian church in the world! Those words [now NOT] spoken by Jesus are in RED! Amazing, thanks for telling me that.

Do you again see that you are making my point about God not communicating to us with words. In essence, you are saying to disregard that part of the Bible, to throw it out. The preachers using this passage in their sermons are preaching heresy and false information. The congregations that are listening are being feed pipe dreams of what they want to hear and read, but not the truth. This is anathema to the Almighty. Wow! I say wow that because that is a "good" part of this book. Now, if we can only throw out the "bad" parts we will be getting somewhere!

Through this maze of words that are all losing and changing their meanings and some, by you own admission, should not even be there, you still believe that this how God wanted to communicate with us? I do not. It's a starting point, but not the conclusion.