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Comment: Sigh

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Wow. Guys, you realize that molecules aren't the same as their constituent elements right?

Like this is basic chemistry.

HF isn't on the periodic table of elements. Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride aren't the same thing. The same way Oxygen and Hydrogen Dioxide (water) aren't the same thing.

If they can't get even these basic chemical facts right, then how are we supposed to trust the rest of the document? Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride are completely different. I honestly can't even think of a single thing they have in common. Both are nonflammable gases? That's about all I can think of.

One's an oxidizer... one isn't. One reacts with water, one doesn't. One will completely devour glass or concrete, one won't.

Am I missing something here? The author in the document mentions that he may be talking about fluoride, and then goes on to cite a bunch of historical incidents involving Fluorine instead of Fluoride.

Eric Hoffer