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Well Said.

That is why we are told to study the word. 2 Timothy 2:15

That is how supposed contradictions are cleared up.

In daily life we sometimes do the same thing that is done in the Bible. Not give a complete account in one telling.

For example; If had peas and carrots for lunch and someone asks me what I had for lunch and I say peas, and someone else asks and I say carrots, that is not a contradiction. That is a difference. Both are true. There probably is a reason I didn't tell both the same thing.

The same is true in the Bible.

In the Bible when you find hard passages, if you approach them as the Bible is right and you are there to learn and you study other passages, you will learn something. If you don't you will make a mess of it.

There are two common responses to those hard passages. 1. Point the the finger and say "ah ha! The Bible contradicts itself." 2. Go into the Hebrew and Greek and change the meaning to something more suitable. See Hebrews 10:26 in the KJV and NIV for example. Also Philipians 2:6 in the same versions.

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John Adams