Comment: This is what liberals do

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This is what liberals do

to make the world more accommodating to whatever deviance or minority viewpoint they want to cater to next. It is called dumbing down deviance. Instead of having high standards of cultural excellence and creating and reinforcing socializing systems that work, liberals go in the other direction. They dumb down the deviance, making it more acceptable and label the critics insensitive. Deviance becomes the new normal. This has been a concerted effort since the 60's to wreak havoc on traditional values and expressions. Psychology has been complicit. Virtually all of them are Progressives and cultural relativists.

We've done the same with drug use, pornography, and depressogenic music like punk and hip hop. Once confined to the dregs of society, now they have permeated every aspect of American culture.

Soon, minority attraction will be in vogue. I give it about five years.