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Question Is

Does an act of Pedophilia violate the child's liberty? If so, at what age and how do we come to that number without it being completely arbitrary? Everyone matures at different ages.

Sometimes with this issue I feel like it's merely parents trying to use the force of the state to make up for their bad parenting? If you can't teach your kids about sex, sexuality and how to handle it - then don't lean on the heavy hand of statism to make up for it.

But, in reality, I'm torn on this issue. Because on the one hand I do think there's a serious case to be made that pedophilia does violate a young child's liberty. But the ramifications from that actually erode (erase) the concept of children having any liberty outside of what their parents or the courts give them. Thus they're slaves and we're right back to arbitrary rights. In a sense, those who seek to use force against those older individuals who have sex with younger individuals more often than not have to violate the liberty of the younger individuals ENTIRELY in order to protect them! This argument sounds rather contradictory, if not impossible.

I'm honestly not sure where I stand on this issue. I suppose it's just always easier to agree with the statists because this is one thing that's never going to not be prosecuted! In America you're better off being a murderer.