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Agenda 21 - ICLEI vis a vis corporations

Thank you so much for your comment, especially: "But ICLEI is not only a front for eventual fascist socialism but also for corporate greed; corporate developer profiteering; corporate and government land grabs; deliberate destruction of the American family farm and of food independence..."

You better believe it. The land grabs and destruction of family farms are a major concern to me. And I didn't mention it (where to begin, where to end on this subject), but a BIG issue is PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS, or PPP's. Like chlorine & ammonia or drugs & alcohol, public-private partnerships are a toxic mix! An integral part of Agenda 21/ICLEI, they thrive because of the AMBIGUITY. They enjoy certain *rights* of a private entity, but not *responsibilities* (to name just one, these quasi-gov't entities get to keep their records private, unable to be accessed via "sunshine" laws).

For anyone unfamiliar, a short tutorial on PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS:

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