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I've asked below, this question...

And received no response yet. Perhaps you could enlighten us on how your side views it best to handle this problem.

Assuming said engineer from above finishes his entire 10 year process of prototyping, testing, branding, naming and puts the equipment together to begin making them. He sells his first few and some large company across the street buys one. The CTO gathers a team together to make a knock-off and rush it to market. They set up shop in a matter of days. Due to their existing and paid off larger manufacturing department, they undercut the price dramatically. So they make them and enlist their much larger marketing team to steamroll over the original creator. Their sales soar while no one feels it's a fair price to pay a premium for the original. The original creator loses his investment of money and time and sees someone else make a fortune from the theft of what he personally created.

This, to your side, is ok?