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Comment: I think every political leaning is equal to the others

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I think every political leaning is equal to the others

I don't see a difference between them. What I see them differing on is their background, education and information. (explanations dramatically abridged for readability)

For example, Liberals want to help the needy so they don't have to suffer and the method they choose to do this places trust in the government and regulation. If these were trustworthy entities, that wouldn't be a bad decision. Unfortunately, that's not the case so they're simply misguided.

Conservatives believe in philanthropy to help those that can't help themselves but on the whole, they believe that the vast majority of them could do better if better incentivized to do so. They place their trust in the free market to accomplish all this but alas, that doesn't exist because it is bought and paid for. This makes them also misguided, not stupid.

Libertarians seem to have it mostly right but they, again, are misguided in their belief that we can simply get all the people to rally enough support to will some act to take place. Regardless of how utopian an idea is, it still must me doable or it's no better than the worst of its opposition.

Anarchists rightfully believe that they can build society from the ground up and do so keeping everyone's needs accounted for. This again, may be the best method but it makes the failing assumption that the others will simply leave them alone to do it. Unfortunately, nature abhors a vacuum and someone will step in and sway the masses towards one of the other tracks, thus killing their progress.

Personally, I believe in the rule of law but I've tired of the representative method of implementing it. I've also tired of blowhard speeches and sound bites making the case when facts and proven principles should carry the day. This may sound like a direct technocratic republic and if so, fine, but to me, it's still the people directly choosing what laws should be in place for all. In my experience, the best demographic to make those rules the most fair is the 5-6 year olds. :)

What needs to be focused on is not which type of government or society we want. What we should be tackling is what is the root cause of each of the problems above. Hint: It's also the root cause of our favorite topic here, the fractional reserve banking system. Why can't we put the debate on gov and society aside long enough to coordinate all groups together long enough to end their tyranny?