Comment: You really are taking a stand

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You really are taking a stand

I am assuming this is your first go round with "quitting" since this is obviously your first week, maybe first month, doubt it, but anyways, your friend is leading you down a bad path, hate to break it to you. What you are doing is building a wall, you are dividing yourself into two people, the conscious side who likes to chill out and have a few beers, and the business side who wants to do everything you can do maximize the potential of your life, you need to learn how to be a man and not let drinking rule you, just prioritize your life. If you want a beer drink one, but if you have shit to do don't drink it, your putting yourself through a lot more trouble just because you make excuses about wanting to drink more, as a smoker I understand this, but I wouldn't smoke a pack before I ran a mile, just doesn't make sense.

You just got PAULED!