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Comment: How many voters have ever heard of Robert's Rules of Order?

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How many voters have ever heard of Robert's Rules of Order?

I would not be surprised if a good 75% of general election voters have no idea how a candidate gets on the ballot. I wouldn't be surprised if this low-level staffer had never heard of Robert's Rules, had no idea what a "convention" is for, where "delegates" come from, etc.

I watched the Oklahoma parking lot convention on UStream and cried because watching civilized free people govern themselves was so moving to me. But I am the 1%, baby. I'm the 1% who learned how to read before kindergarten and learned how to think critically shortly thereafter. Those are the two basic skills you need for self-government, and how many government school graduates have those skills nowadays?

I'm not at all surprised that a Romneycare staffer was clueless. Government schools have dumbed down the electorate enough that they accept everything the TeeVee tells them as the gospel. They have no idea how the mechanics of government works. They're not taking civics classes anymore. They're getting diversity training and self-esteem training, and moral relativism training, and if they've heard of the Founding Fathers at all, it's to bash them as evil white racist slave owners.

Home-schooling libertarians are our only hope.