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Comment: Appeasement and Conformity

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Appeasement and Conformity

My guess she is formally educated, good grades, popular and appears to be self reliant and responsible.

In the modern world young people are taught to conform, to appease the authority. They are not taught, nor is it encouraged, critical thinking. This is exactly why this culture of ours continues to suffer the lack of science and reason, neither are supported by appeasement and conformity.

Consider this - one cannot appease and conform to principles.

Our culture proclaims education sacred and covets a degree. No regard for smart being an act, we see smart as an adjective applied to the persons abundance of a fairy tail - the federal reserve note.

The best thing to be done for this lady - let her suffer her fate. When she feels the pain of appeasement and conformity LIBERTY will have another principled advocate. Till then spend your time with those in pain, they listen better.