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When I started studying the

When I started studying the Bible I saw many contradictions but I didn't know what was inerrant or my lack of understanding or Biblical mistranslation or translators pretending they are interpreters. Most of these contradictions actually turned out to be apparent contradictions that sharpened my thinking. When I see posts like the one above and the intelligent responses I am confirmed that more often than not the supposed contradictions are actually just apparent. This makes the Scriptures true because if the authors were trying to hide contradictions they would have been more careful to leave out these apparent contradictions as to not confuse people! Anyway, the third "contradiction" on his list I hope for an answer just so I'll know how to respond b/c the word "Jehovah" is used in both those passages. I immediately suppose that a mistake was made in translation but even in the literal translation this error is here. I do not know Hebrew or Greek so I most trust interlinear translations, but I have seen many errors even in these. For example, a common error I noticed was to translate the same exact word in Greek different ways in different passages. I was taught that Yahweh means "I am who I am" and the first instance was at the burning bush to Moses. If God says Abraham knew him by a different name I tend to give God the benefit of the doubt, especially since God cannot lie. So the poster saying the Bible is errant I guess is true on the surface but when you investigate deeper most of my questions have been resolved and instead serves to bolster my trust in Scripture.