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Wow does this

familiar over the last year I have helped a couple of campaigns here locally one for our county school board and the other was for state senate. The guy running for state senate was Shawn Crowell he was RP jr what a great message and good speaker but lacked money and experence for a state wide campaign,but we learned alot and I hope Shawn will run again. Then Nick ran for our county school board now in Tn the state mandates the amount of money the county will spend on (un)education. Our county spends over 60% of it`s budget on education so you can see how important it is to have control of our school board. Well we ran a very grassroots campaign with Nick and I doing most of the work and this was against a very establishment opponent who had over thirty years of entrenched establishment education background and every education insider saying he would win big. Well we covered the whole district and everyone I talked to said that we were the only campaign that even took the time to come and talk to them,well on election night with the polls closing at 7:00 pm I called everyone I knew to make sure they had voted. At around 6:00pm I talked to one of my buddies and he said that voting had slipped his mind but he would vote on his way to the gym. Well on my way home from sign holding I stopped in our town square and watched the vote count come in well at about 9:00 pm the vote was 801-800 for Nick and there were still 3 provisinal votes to be counted the next day,well we got one of those and the other two ballots were disallowed so we won 802-800.