Comment: I'm not an environmentalist

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I'm not an environmentalist

In 1978 I was on the cover of the New Orleans Times Piccayune, Sunday Magazine, Dixie Roto 17 April. They titled me, "The Conservationist's Dreamgirl". I didn't drive a car until I was 30. Anyways, I always considered the clean up the beach, park, campus, as a conservation project.. not environment. I thought about getting into conservation when I was attending University Louisiana, but they were not teaching conservation, they had begun teacing Environmental Science.. I found out in one class it was not for me. I wanted to clean up the messes we have made in all the years of war.. thought way back them that converting the military from tossing from to cleaning up the mess they make.. but it seems environmentalists have different ideas.. so I was never really compatible to many of the groups.. though I continued to adopt campgrounds, section of hwy to clean up, and sometimes, now help others who are organizing.

This area is heavily under the influence of UN. A lot of old hippies fell for the rage against the corporations.. so now all we have is government going a green as they can.. check out this place, Real Goods, since 1973.. notice on the right side of the picture.. see all those solar panels? The electric company pays Real Goods to exist because when they built, they signed a contract with the electric company, that the company would buy electricy the panels produced.. many people satrted going solar to get in on the deal..

I wonder.. how many cocoa trees do I need to grow to sustain my chocolate habit?