Comment: As I said, unjust business models may well be toast

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As I said, unjust business models may well be toast

Let's assume for a second that all independent artists and inventors today only make money by leveraging IP laws. Since IP laws are an immoral government infringement on my natural rights, I'd be happy to see those laws go away, taking those "independent artist" and "independent inventor" business models with them, in order to regain my freedom.

That said, there were artists and inventors before there were IP laws, and there will be again after we take back our freedom in this area. Perhaps artists will have to go back to taking commissions and patronage and being artists-in-residence. Perhaps inventors will have to take engineering jobs with manufacturers.

But regardless of how those with artistic and engineering talents find employment, we'd be better off if we took our rights back from the government. Not only would we have our rights back, but innovation would actually flourish, as it has always done historically in societies without IP laws.