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Lets put it this way, a

Lets put it this way, a non-corrupt non-idiot judge will rule our way on this. That's most of them, doesn't mean we can't get a bad apple though. The Supreme Court could always even overturn Hamdi and go with Thomas' dissent that says the President can do whatever he wants and any legislation by Congress attempting to restrict him is Unconstitutional. More likely, a corrupt/idiot judge can find plenty of loopholes to misinterpret this thing to go the other way. I liked Rand and Ron's original amendments better, they were more airtight. But at least they'd be wrong according to a proper interpretation of this stuff.

These guys that are freaking out over this are doing it from a "worst case scenario" position, which is understandable but we're still in a better position than we were before this bill.

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