Comment: "But if I then play it for you (without making you sign a

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"But if I then play it for you (without making you sign a

nondisclosure contract or something first), then you would have a copy of the song in your mind too."

What do you think you are doing when you agree to purchase their music?

"because you want the government, by implicit threats of violence, to restrict my freedom to do as I please with what's in my own mind, because supposedly "society" would benefit if government grants false monopolies to the person who claims to have come up with the idea first."

So what is one of the governments duties Constitutionally? It's to enforce contracts and to protect our rights. That was the intention. So it's not out of step to want them to protect the artists music.

There is no free market if you take away the ability of man to prosper from his own ideas.. but, your letter from Jefferson was a musing.. if you'll notice, he did mention the right of people to make money on them.

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