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Comment: I have an acquaintance who

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I have an acquaintance who

I have an acquaintance who I've known for several years and has been a mainstream R for 20+ years. When I met her, we exchanged a few statements about our political views and had some common ground as you might imagine. We started exchanging emails and I let her know that I was a Paul supporter. She immediately blasted me because RP--and me by extention--were not legitimate Republicans in her view. Of course, the fact that he was a duly elected GOP US Rep double digit times didn't change her mind. lol

Her position was that if I wanted to be a legit member of the GOP, I needed to go to PC meetings (which I did) and volunteer for jobs to do whatever the party wanted me to do. In that way, I would learn how the party works. Without that, I (an Paulers in general) just want to walk in and start telling the party how everything should be done, which is not how it works.

I started sending her information about various state convention shenanigans and her response was that...
a) The GOPers are playing by the rules
b) The Paulers break the rules whenever they can
c) They aren't legitimate Republicans anyway

She also started being personally insulting to me. So I ceased communication with her. She did tell me that if Obama wins, it'll be the fault of the Paulers. (Right. And the fact that the Romney backers communicated loud and clear that they didn't want our votes had nothing to do with it. LOL) I will say that she's from Iowa and I resisted the temptation of thanking her for the majority of her state's delegate votes at the nat'l convention. :-D

She is not a stupid person. But this is how the party line people think. They just have blinders on and get all of their information from the party spin doctors.