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They seem to be related to the function of the THYROID GLAND.
"T cells or T lymphocytes belong to a group of white blood cells known as lymphocytes, and play a central role in cell-mediated immunity."
The THYROID gland regulates the LYMPH NODES, located just below the jawline pivots. When a 'doctor' examines one for an 'influenza', he or she always feels for abnormal swelling in this area.
The THYROID gland seems to be associated with the 'auto-immune functions' of the human body, and can be adversly affected by several environmental factors, including (but not limited to) reuptake of Iodine 131, 137, microwave irradiation, PCB exposure, flouridosis, and genetic factors.

OF COURSE, this 'antidote' must be stored by usage of MERCURY substrata (which retards degredation of the original 'medicine').
THIALIDOMIDE comes to mind, here. 'THEY' gave it to pregnant women in the early 1960's in the CONUS, as it was 'supposed to ease labor pains'.

Have you ever met a child with no arms?
'Birth Defects'?
'March Of Dimes'?

It seems that you have NO COMPREHENSION of the 'SPECIFICS', beyond the CLICHE of 'T-cells'.
I have NOTED this fact.