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Do you think that I'd be here after four or five years and some how missed the ongoing economics lessons?

My point is that there is this belief that Obama is somehow for the people. This belief that Obama is not 'the man.'
I understand and argue against the pitfalls of the welfare state, the endless wars and the war on drugs, with both republicans and democrats. Somehow people, Jaime foxx for example, still believe that Obama is going to do something for the poor.

While most of us here in the echo chamber understand that government can't provide the solutions poor people think they need, truth is treason in this world of lies. People still believe that big (brother) mama govt can and will provide. What they fail to see though is that cities like Gary and Detroit could have been saved by now (even doing it their way) if we would just severe the incestuous relationship our govt has with big banks and businesses and the military industrial complex. Building bridges and schools here instead of in Iraq.

I can handle my money being wasted on a food stamp on the off chance that a hungry person is fed. I will not sin by feeding someone, even if theft from me was a necessity. An explosion of food stamps...? I know people on food stamps. People, veterans, elderly, who worked their whole lives, owned businesses and got caught up in the incestuously created govt business mortgage housing bs. Forty years of building houses, poof. Forty years of paying into this crap system. Did he make poor choices? Obviously. But it was govt intervention that created the environemnt and unnatural risk. Now you say, pull the rug? You got veterans committing suicide every 80seconds and you are worried because people are getting food assistance? Was 16 trillion spent feeding people?

Murder is a sin however, often through real explosions. And everyday more people are murdered here and around the globe, with money stolen from us and this is an atrocity.

The problem as I see it is that the people that believe that govt is the solution to solving social problems don't or won't look at how this huge govt is being used to siphon money and purchasing power away from them and used to to do things that are amoral and run contrary to their values. They believe that they are helping people, I understand that you don't believe that. Perhaps instead of focusing on food stamps, one of perhaps the few at least moral applications of tax theft, we could begin to help them focus on the real waste fraud and atrocities. Maybe then our ideas can gain traction and we won't look like such uncut....well I digress