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I was referring to both your post

The one bellow and above, i just didn't reference it in my last post as i didnt find it very important anyway. I guess i misunderstood your comment here
("I think most people are fed up already with these Rand for 2016 fact finding missions.") because i never saw the polls as pushing Rand Paul or expressing their support for Rand Paul. I saw the polls as just the opposite. I saw the polls as a deliberate attempt to discredit Rand because the polls obviously have bogus results and were intended to cause confusion from the start. Those polls can be linked through email, passed around on Facebook , linked to other websites etc. Even none registered visitors can vote on those polls therefore the original intent couldn't possibly help Rand or come anywhere close to where the majority of registered members of this website actually stand. How the hell else could Jesse Ventura beat Rand out ? The only way to get an accurate polling on where the members here stand is a poll where registered members only can vote in it such as the poll at the RP Forums which is night and day difference because its a legit poll.
As for this ("Maybe the squirrels are the ones that think Rand has a chance of gaining the republican nomination.") This can be interpreted as i took it in or as you explained it in your last comment. Either way Rand is still our best chance of advancing our goals. If you want real change you have to have somebody in position to make that happen! If we cant win elections we are going nowhere and i'm tired of going nowhere! Fact is, if Rand cant win, nobody can so whats the point in you even making that 'discouraging' you see where i'm coming from? I guess we just had totally different views on whats going on with these poll threads from the get-go, maybe that is where we bumped heads here as it all goes back to the fact that these stupid polls are divisive and bogus to start with and were designed to cause confusion and give a false sense of reality from the start and it has worked well.
Rand is closer to the nomination than anybody else who shares our beliefs so to say he cant win the nomination it sounds like you have giving up from my perspective, or should i say the perspective i had before you explained yourself...who else can carry the torch as far as he has? Who else is as close as he is AND will have Ron Pauls endorsement? The answer is nobody else comes close. We need to start focusing on winning elections to get our goals in the MS, we cant have it all the first time around. Seems a lot of people are more interested in finding a candidate that will disrupt things rather than advancing the cause of Liberty and getting the country back on track.
Anyway, seems this thread served its hard feelings...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams