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I don't think so...

I've tried to find it myself, and this video sums it up:

you're right he should have said that - and much much more.

Sigmund Freud actually co-wrote a book with a member of the American delegation under Wilson whom resigned when the final treaty was drawn. It talks about how Wilson's dad was a preacher and Wilson was always trying to win his favor and may have developed a sort of 'Jesus-complex' over the years. The extremely positive way he and his 14 pts.(the terms of the armistice) were received across Europe after the War would have made any man feel like a savior.

Of course the 14 pts - with its promises of self-determination for colonial areas, freedom of the waters, no secret treaties, no international trade barriers or sanctions, mutual disarmament among military - was immediately scrapped and instead Britain, France and the US got everything (due for the most part to a continued blockade of Germany) and pissed everyone else off.
The Treaty of Versailles not only led directly to WW2, but also: Korea, Vietnam, Cold War, Persian Gulf/ Iraq, Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.
A young Ho Chi Mihn was a cook in Paris, decided he could represent his section of French Indochina - Vietnam. He stood before the committee to read the French Rights of Man and the US Declaration of Independence - to which Wilson replied something like "we can read that on our own - thank you, NEXT!" He and the other Asian delegations had to go back to their homes and tell their people that the West had tricked them. They were done with the west, they instead looked to the new system of the North, with such promise - they turned to communism.

Wilson, certainly oughta be most unhappy - thats a lot of blood on one man's hands. of course thats not even mentioning the sentiment expressed in this fabricated quote... when you put it all together its unbelievable what he accomplished. By far, the worst.