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I so wholeheartedly agree.

I so wholeheartedly agree.

Someone, PLEASE, fire this congress ! Or stop sending them their paychecks. Damn it.

What a bunch of USELESS, in their VAST majority.

Ohhh, yes... THAT is soooo important ... to ban that word ... at the 112th Congress. Yeah, right !

They gonna do the entire dictionary, then urban dictionary, after that, OR WHAT ?!

At least Dr. Ron Paul CAN sell HIS speeches at 50 grands a piece. And I'd buy them at $1 million if I were event organizer.

THAT is how politics should work. Got ideas and guts to represent the People ? Good. Show you can EARN your bread - FIRST - if you want people to listen. And maybe... vote for you.

But "them" ... rent-seekers ... BLOCK their paychecks.

PLEASE, someone !

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