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"no one would notice or care"? That is hurtful and untrue. :(

This post is posted under "weird stuff" for heaven's sake. I mean I sure love the usual "14 threads about the same topic" like we usually do right? "Rand Paul is a traitor, no wait Gary Franchi is a traitor, no wait Jack Hunter is a traitor." Fun stuff. /s

EGADS. I've made 300+ posts here (, mostly "unweird political stuff" - but some spiritual stuff because that's just how I'm made - funny no one ever seems to notice or care about me either...must be all the eleven year olds running the site down.

Funny, in real life, I really did the Ron Paul "legwork" though - up to 20+ hours a day to where I would awaken with the "ctrl" key imprinted in my forehead. I'm the one who handed out hundreds of Constitutions and raked the "fake South Carolina GOP Christians" over the coals to mine and my families detriment (since I am an elected member of the SCGOP + we are one of the most fluoridated + aggressive neocon states in the U.S.). I'm the one who spent loads of cash and time to make sure SC/DP had video and graphics of Ron Paul when he came back after 2008 (and learned how to use a camera and Adobe Elements/Photoshop to ensure that).

One of my greatest moments of my life and a rare find here on the DP is a video with a small group of us and Ron Paul, in private as he awaited his plane with his family, "just hanging out" - was posted here under a "spiritual title" so many people missed it completely because "no one would notice or care" - ha ha ha. You just never know what a post means to someone or what real content may be buried there so I'd not be so heavy handed in your criticism. Peace.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer