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Comment: Let's call a spade a spade! Ron Paul PCO's failed to show and...

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Let's call a spade a spade! Ron Paul PCO's failed to show and...

...the Ron Paul leadership failed to impress upon the 200 or so Ron Paul PCO's who did not show up that they could have, and should have, taken every position up for vote in a county larger than 13 states!

Here are the numbers:

Total ~1150 total PCO's

~350 of which are RP PCO's!! That leaves 800 Neocon PCO's.

The total PCO count on the floor was ~447 showing up to vote! If RP PCO's numbered 350 one can readily see why the establishment was running scared prior to the re-organization meeting. Indicators revealed that they likely were expecting to loose!

At the meeting Saturday, the key race for Chair was suddenly contested at the last moment by an additional 'RP' candidate, who had an epiphany the night before that he should run. This possibly blindsided the preparations of the main RP candidate Doug Parris of Reagan Wing fame. Add to this the fact that the speech given by the newcomer to the race tended to place both the Neocon establishment candidate as well as the RP candidate, in a less than favorable light. The result was that the RP candidate looked more radical and the new 'RP' candidate more moderate!

But, the real story of failure was the no-show of Ron Paul 'once-faithful'!

The vote totals tell the sad story...

Neocon and recidivist corrupt rule breaking establishment candidate, Lori Sotello, received 260 votes... only 260 out of her presumed base of 800+! Many of her base were also no shows... no surprise.

The newcomer took 114 votes...

Doug Parris 71 votes.

The total of 185 votes for the two RP candidates does not defeat the Neocon with her 260 votes however.

BUT THE SAD AND ANGRY TRUTH was that between 185 and 200 RP PCO's failed to show up!!!

If most of them had shown up to the fight, and planned on just voting NO to tyranny like Dr. Paul has been doing, alone, for 30 years, they would not only have gained the big prize of King County Chair, but likely every other position of the MANY elected officers and state committee positions in the several legislative districts of that huge county! This could have impacted the future activities of many other counties in Washington!

There was talk of defeatists among the ranks who discouraged attempts to push the troops to show up, saying it was dishonest to tell the troops 'they can win', since the establishment presumably had such a large advantage in numbers!

You have educated patriots on Ron Paul, issues, and the process to some degree, but apparently not the sacrifice and commitment in the face of daunting odds... always expecting miracles though voting alone! That needs help!

The establishment was a far larger 'no show', as they usually are! But where the RP patriots were once known for 'you don't know unless you show' mentality, and far exceeded the percentages of the establishment when showing up in the past, this time the Ron Paul patriots were 'NO SHOWS'!

That is unconscionable! It is unlike our 'President Paul' who showed up more times alone to vote no, than all congressmen in history!

'You will know only when you show!'

Now it is time you went out into the highways and byways and talked to the people who are sitting depressed behind their closed house doors... take the issues to them. Light a brushfire for freedom my friends!

Make a humble Constitutional free America rise far above party, and all of America will join your party, name it what you will!