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Comment: Bursynski. Watch it if you

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Bursynski. Watch it if you

Bursynski. Watch it if you havent

happy the girls life was saved for her and her family, but they have had the cure for cancer since the 1970's. "We" talk about how communist regimes murdered its citizens indirectly through famine in China, to the tune of 60,000,000 +, yet, no mention of how the FDA has deliberately avoided the commercial expansion of antineoplastons, the true, safe cure for many many, previous unimaginably serious forms of cancer... all because one man held the patent rights, therefore, drug/ chemo / radiation companies are screwed and worthless. That girl will have permanent damage from the radiation and chemo side effects. Millions have died and suffered based on our current policies, time for a change

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...