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Your #1 problem is....

Your #1 problem is your misplaced reliance in Occam's Razor. It is only applicable to events that cannot be manipulated my humans. If you have every studied history, you will realize that a huge number of historical events happened as the result of conspiracies. USS Maine, JFK's assassination, USS Liberty to name just three such events from the last century. Your second problem is lumping all "conspiracy theorists" together. I, as a scientist, cannot tell you with certainty what happened in PA, DC and NY on 9/11/01 but I can with 100% certainty tell you what did not occur. What did not occur is what the 911 commission said happened. How do I know this? Because the laws of physics would have had to have been suspended that day. Humans have successfully sent spaceships out past the heliosphere and we know with a great deal of precision where those craft are today. We were able to do this because the laws of physics apply throughout the known universe and do not periodically mysteriously stop.

Since the official government conspiracy is untrue, a mature and curious mind would want to know what did happen and the fact that our government intentionally is distributing erroneous information makes it the #1 suspect for it is prima facie proof of guilt.