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Comment: Yanno we should bury this hatchet

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Yanno we should bury this hatchet

The movement might seem large right now but it's in fact small and chances are we're gonna bump into each other face to face. Now I ain't that big and I ain't that bad but I do look kinda scary and we are pretty intimidating but that's mostly a show we put on for outsiders. Arizona is a pretty cool place to be an activist and we want you to feel at home here. You are welcome and you are snug as a bug in a rug.

I just consulted the books and I find no law that states you have to like Gary. And I guess I find that you have passion. You are really passionate in your feelings about this and what other validity can any of us pretend to? So on balance while I might prefer your passion not be taken out on Gary, I'd rather you be so than not. What the heck. One way to find out what right is is to be wrong with intent. And I sense there's no right or wrong here. Between us that is. You think Gary is this and that and I think he's the other. I guess that doesn't mean you and me have a problem right?

I am defensive over those I consider family. One day you might find me fighting for you.

And something tells me that's a smart move. You don't give up easy. I think I'd rather fight for you than against you. People like you make good friends. Has somethign to do with loyalty. Has something to do with me liking people that will stand and represent. You really don't care if you live and die by the court of public opinion do you? You are gonna stand and deliver no matter if the whole world will shout you down aint you?

OK i am gonna get off your back. If you know the truth you shout it from the roof tops as loud and as many times as necessary. And know something else? We're veteran activists so we should be able to take it. This is where the big dogs run. And this is unprecedented, you and nobody has ever heard me come close to these words, this is as close as I come in public

but I pardon you and if you would be so kind as to pardon me in this instance,

you are very welcome in my house and in Arizona. I'm sure you will have an enjoyable time, every body else does.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.