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The mean lethal dose for Sodium Fluoride is 52 to 200 mg/kg, while the mean lethal dose for Calcium Fluoride is 4,250 mg/kg, quite a difference. I have wondered why this is so, and I am guessing that the bond between sodium and fluorine is much weaker than the bond between calcium and fluorine. When the bond is broken, then the highly reactive fluorine is free to cause havoc by reacting with our cells, essentially "burning" them. Fluorine is even more reactive than oxygen, so that if you introduce fluorine into a container of gasoline, you get an immediate reaction without even introducing a spark as would be necessary to get a reaction when introducing oxygen to a similar container of gasoline.

Perhaps this is why calcium is a known antidote to fluorine poisoning; it readily reacts with fluorine and this binding somewhat prevents fluorine from doing damage to our cells.

But this difference should not be takes as license to safely consume calcium fluoride, since the fluorine is not completely locked up, immune from breakdown, so to speak.

I point out that dental and skeletal fluorosis are horrible results from fluorine reacting with calcium in our bodies. We know what teeth look like in dental fluorosis, so imagine you bones and joints similarly deteriorated. Fluorosis consists of sclerosis (thickening or hardening) of the bones caused by fixation of calcium by fluorine, and calcification of ligaments in our joints. Bones become brittle and deformed and joints become so painful and deteriorated that the only real option left is surgical replacement of the joint with a prosthetic. How many people suffer what they think is osteoarthritis when they really are the victim of fluorine in industrial waste?

I have heard the observation that fibrous tissue is a precursor to cystic tissue, and cystic tissue is a precursor to cancerous tissue. This makes me wonder how many of the diseases that involve sclerotic or cystic tissue have to do with fluorine, or the lack of necessary iodine which fluorine and bromine are known to drive our of our cells.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.