Comment: Real planes would have added risk to the operation

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Real planes would have added risk to the operation

Real planes would have been a nightmare for the 911 operation management. What if one or some of the planes didn't arrive? It was shot down or malfunctioned some way, or the passenger overmanned the hijackers? What if the plane didn't penetrate the facade (solid reinforced concrete slab supported steel beams) but just fell straight down on the pavement? Or if only one of the wings hit the facade? Wouldn't be so easy to explain that the buildings fell then. What if a plane crashed in Central Park instead? What if all the planes hit exactly at the right spot, penetrated the facade, but the fireball was really dull - like a small poof? Wouldn't look so good on TV. What if someone was killed? Then the 911 operation management would become involved in a conspiracy to murder. Lots of uncertain variables here.

Lower risk without planes: Prevent as many people as possible from entering the area. Report that a plane has crashed and have some witnesses with scripts ready so that the myth can be born: Launch those huge smoke generators so that it is harder to see whats going on. Evacuate more people from the area and the best vantage points. Have an pre recorded animation ready and press play on the VCR. Make sure that there is a plane in this animation, and that the plane hits the optimal point. Very important, create a huge and spectacular fireball as magnificent as in the best action movies. Important that there are wonderful scenes that can be replayed hundreds of times and that people really can see this huge and terrifying explosion. Should be some really spectacular stuff. Then, evacuate the buildings so that no one is killed, and blow them up. The owner can give necessary access to relevant parts of the buildings for wiring the explosives, and no one will see it. Have the Mayor sign this demolition permit just in case so that the whole operation is not illegal. First Amendment is wonderful. No planes, everything evacuated, full control. No conspiracy to murder. This would be a lot more predictable with much less risk. Reporting and animation is everything.

But will people believe a silly LQ animation that even kids should be able to tell is fake? Yes.

What about this million ear witnesses between Bronx and Battery Park? Don't bother, no one or few will notice that they are missing.

A wonderful video of New York on a beautiful day in 1999. No problem with the color balance here of course. Obviously no descent camera has any problems with that. Compare it to the animations that was broadcasted live 911. If you cant see this, its because you don't want to.