Comment: What IS happening on 12-21

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What IS happening on 12-21

There IS a "galactic alignment." How it will affect us remains to be seen, but I know that MY personal experience has been a gradually increasing raising of my consciousness. I no longer live in the Universe I "grew up" in. I perceive the existence of energy, I even know how to "see" it in many instances. I realize that looking at the world as though matter creates energy is absurd and just that realization changes everything.
I know that I have been slowly being led to this place as sure as if I had a halter and bit on, and oddly enough, I know it is me that led me here - that part of me that is still pure energy and connected to everything.
I know that the last 2 weeks or so have seen a dramatic acceleration of my ability to grasp seemingly complex things and I know I see those new concepts cropping up everywhere. Those who are not ready, willing and able to be open to a new consciousness cannot be forced there. But those who are willing to look at "weird stuff" with an open mind may begin to find there is nothing quite as weird as truth.
I can hardly wait for the 21st. I don't know what will happen, but I know there is a BIG spinning electrical body called the Milky Way and the little spinning electrical body that I am whirling around on is going to hit the "zero point" in its path around the Milky Way. TO be honest, there are 2 things that are going on that do not get discussed that may mean we are in for something "dramatic" but, so what? If it is TEOTWAWKI then sit back and enjoy the show. I do not anticipate that, but the poles ARE moving, and a "pole shift" is a real possibility. The other thing is I have watched our magnetosphere slowly diminish for years, there was a live feed. I sort of forgot until last weekend, and when I went to look at it the live feed is gone. They shut it down in April, even as it was collapsing at greater and greater speed. I guess my point is, it never hurts to have a few weeks worth of supplies in the winter any way, I think I'll make sure supplies are topped off on the 18th or 19th... But on the 21st, I will try to allow my consciousness to be raised as high as it might be able. It is "weird stuff" that may hold the key.
Thanks, Bob.

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