Comment: Don't force it

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Don't force it

Coming to the political conclusions you've both come to is hard enough in the face of so much programming; if he is not ready - and he may never be - to see the entire foundation of his psychological house crumble on itself, you shouldn't try to demolish it. I've struggled with this a great deal. Keep asking questions, but don't ask them in a leading or declaratory manner. Don't "put him on the stand."

If it turns out that he will always think you're crazy, remember that the majority of people out there think that the points on which you agree make you both crazy. Question yourself and your motivations. Why do you personally need to be right about your "alternative" theories? Do you require the agreement of others to validate your position? I know that it feels good and is entirely natural, but as tough as it might be to turn inward at times and keep things to yourself, isn't that easier than fighting with the love of your life? Isn't your relationship worth it? If not, then you may wish to reconsider your marriage... I suspect that, like so many of us, you'll find a way to make it great. Good luck! And remember, you're fighting for the amazing gift that is a life of freedom; don't take the joy out of the gift... It will not be worth the fight!

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