Comment: I also post weird stuff about evolution.

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I also post weird stuff about evolution.

Being open to evolve is the foundation for change in the human collective.

There will be an alignment of the Earth, Sun, Galactic Center on December 21, 2012 but that is just a part of the cycle of precession, special because that line up only happens every 26000 or so years. The Mayan calendar starts over again at this point.

I do not feel anything catastrophic will happen UNLESS the human collective CHOOSES to destroy the Earth and all life by IMMATURE UN-EVOLVED CHOICES. The world is full of immature egotistical people who have chosen to remain fixated at a low ego evolutionary level. Unfortunately many of them want to rule the world.

Some theorize that the solar system will be entering a positive electromagnetic field, will travel in that field for thousands of years, and have the effect of raising the level of consciousness of all life-forms within the field. It is already happening and we are just entering the field. Changes are already apparent in the electromagnetic field of the sun and Earth; the EM field diminishing or shifting.

Changes are already becoming apparent in people and all life forms, including animals. You may think your pets are becoming smarter, and they are! Not to boast, well a little ;), but I understand complicated things more easily and faster and seem to be able to use energy by way of healing myself and others. Often I know what is wrong with a non-functioning electrical device and fix it easily, sometimes by just touching the device. I also see light fields, visions, and receive inner guidance when focusing on the spiritual eye.

Many children I am encountering are born seeing light and receiving guidance. Parents your children are old souls being born again at this time, and they are wise. Honor them, love them, protect them, treat them well.