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Comment: the report now says it's not GMO

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the report now says it's not GMO

but 'hybrid' grass.

"Tifton 85 is a cross between a bermudagrass [Cynodon dactylon, specifically cv. Tift 292 (an armyworm resistant plant introduction in the USDA-ARS collection)] and a closely related Cynodon species called stargrass [Cynodon nlemfuensis, specifically cv. Tifton 68 (highly digestible, but cold susceptible). Crosses were made by placing inflorescences (the day before pollen shed) of each parent in a beaker of water. The inflorescences were covered with a glassine bag to control pollination. Each day, thereafter, bag and inflorescences were thumped to distribute pollen. Seeds were collected and those were germinated in the greenhouse and subsequently transplanted in the field. Plants with great potential were increased and selected to be tested in replicated plots and under grazing. No extraordinary tools or biotechnology tools were used in this process."

Thought you should know. I hate GMOs and believe we must keep our commentary accurate.

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