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Comment: Mother of bleeping bleep of the gd bleep

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Mother of bleeping bleep of the gd bleep


Fluorine is an element. Fluoride is a molecule. It refers to any molecule made with the bonded Fluorine element.

Hydrogen Fluoride for instance.

One is F with a subscript 2, one is an H with an F.

F2 =/= HF

This is why you need caution labels on things like breakfast cereal I swear... Yet in the late 1800s, it was discovered as an independent element and the distinction was made. I think 1880s? Go do some basic research instead of accepting whatever bogus garbage is thrown at you from a completely nonsourced website. Anything after 1880 that says Fluorine will be Fluorine, anything that says Fluoride will be some molecule containing the element Fluorine bound with one or more other elements, like Hydrogen or Calcium.

Which is why posting things like this:

Definition of FLUORIDE (Merriam Webster's Dictionary)
1. a compound of fluorine

Makes you a chemistry goat. Don't be a chemistry goat. Please go look at what a compound is. H2O is also a "compound of oxygen" but last I checked, you can't breathe it.

flu·o·ride noun (Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary)
Medical Definition of FLUORIDE
1. a compound of fluorine with a more electropositive element or radical

Oh, so it needed to fill it's electron shell with some shared electrons from another element and formed a covalent bond? What a surprise! I'm sure THAT doesn't completely change the chemical structure or anything. /Sarcasm

Apologies on the overall tone, but I haven't had coffee yet and you just posted something that blatant proves my point as an attempt to refute me.

Eric Hoffer