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suggestion, maybe rand could

suggestion, maybe rand could introduce a bill in the senate ending marijuana prohibition and rescheduling it? and legalizing industrial hemp. as long as the corporatist will let him.

rand could expose john boehner and the purge. Rand could statrt making some waves instead of trying to be a gop est fluffer!

considering medical and personal is legal in many states 2 being personal. Why isn't Rand using the biggest liberty issue of our time and exposing the corruption?

Rand should expose the status quo gop est and going against state rights and smaller gov.

I remember hearing something about rand,hemp and marijuana and bill awhile back considering what just happened in the election. Why is this not a huge story or pushing these bills to expose the biggovgop!

any links to rand addressing the gop purge and amash and john boner!

Ron Paul 2016